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Charls Dickens Hard Times and the city of Coketown

Charls Dickens
Hard Times and the city of Coketown

a cura Alice Caymani
Grafica. Critico linguistico


Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812. He's one of the most famous British novelist who wrote Oliver Twist, A Christamas Carol, Nicholas Nikleby, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations.
Dickens focused most of is work on social problems, in fact, he was a pioneer in introducing the theme of education into his works. He believed that society needed a correct education to all children whitout the intervention of the church.
In 1854 he published Hard Times, that takes place in an industrial town at the peak of economic expansion. In it, Dickens focuses on the shortcomings of employers as well as those who seek change. He also deals whit the ''Utilitarianism'' philosophy that choke children's the imagination and creativity and attacks in the novel the plain materialism that denies all other values than material ones, or ''Facts''as they are called.
The theme of the colour is not deal at all but there's a particular description of Coketown.
For Luscher ''black'' is the colour of surrender of a person that renounce everything he believes for an easy life the same way the people of Coketown are willing to live in the blackness and lose themselves to the philosophy of Utilitarianism that doesn't condone creativity.
In fact, the people in Coketown can't express their feeling, imagination or creativity since they've become one whit the gears of the gears of the machines.
The city of the novel is Coketown, a northern industrial city. It is curious to see the description of this particular town that appeared to be swallowed by the blackness of the charcoal. There are also a canal and a river whit dirty and smelly water because of the tactories' wastes.
The buildings are all alike and there is no silence since there is the constant noise of machines.



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