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traduzione Alice Caimany
Critico Culturale Linguistico



Ladies, it is not the motorcycle you drive, the jeans you wear or your job in specific fields predominantly masculine that make you strong and equal to men, or rather, everything descripted above is normal in the society defined by Knowledge, the essence of being woman is in all her roles, acknowledging the differences between male and female without discriminate them.

Woman is love, serenity, sympathy and talent

Man is reassuring strength

Blending these differences brings chaos and ignorance which results in creating weird circumstances.


I say yes to equal rights but we can’t become males, can’t you see that they will wear feminine dresses and I wonder: “ Why you have a penis and I have a vagina if we are equal in everything?”


Nowadays even children are made artificially.

A world full of humans, a world full of parents in which they won’t be needing to be called “mom” or “dad”, their names will be sufficient.

Sexuality will be a moment of relax, atavistic moment that will bring back wrong social mores and then, the walls of Pompeii talk, so even the worst action will be a relax moment not punishable by law.

In some subjects the beastliness has always existed so It can’t be tolerated and It’s only by maintaining the natural order of things that the beasts will not consume us, indeed, it will be the other way around.

In this natural order there can be people who loves the same sex but ladies we are women and some decades ago we were ready to fight for our social, human and individual rights.

Ladies, we were the mothers and now? Are we? In this digital era we are silenced and we let subliminal messages, abuses, feminine and masculine coaxing  all too often segregate mothers, grandmothers and children to parks, to the baker, to the hairdresser and all too often other women want to be a lady but without its essence.

We created a lot together, men and women, we must keep doing so with Love, Dignity, Loyalty, Respect and Freedom.



testo tradotto sotto riportato

Voce Narrante eterodiegetica a cura della Book Writer Roberta Cacchione

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